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November 3, 2006

ochenta, part 2

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Kung hindi nyo ako ka-age, at wa kayong ideya about the 80’s, pwedeng itekla ang maging introductory lesson nyo – isang video ni Mick Jagger at ni David Bowie. O dabah, kahit papano, cool sila pa rin until now?? Pero watchinggelya nyo sila – Bowie and Jagger dancing like it’s 1985. Eeeewwww talaga. I remember, and I’m ashamed. Ahihihihih!!!!



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Omaygad! Tumatander na ata talaga ang lola nyo, ngayon na-realize ko na ang luluma na talaga ng mga cartoons na sinubaybayan ko noong panahon ni Marcos at Cory! Ahihihihi! Thanks to Wanda, naalala kong muli ang aking kabataan. Wala akong pitu-pito tulad ni Wanda, pero wish ko lang i-remember ang aking carefree days of my boyhood (wiiiiiitttttttyyyyyy na!!!) and the visions of our youth. Eto ang mga cartoons na nag-shape sa aking twisted wicked wicked wicked mind.


Thundercats – ito ang isa sa pinakapaborito ko. Menchung menchu ang mga menchu, at ang taray ni Cheetarah. Best in Costume ever, like ko pa ang powers nya.


Visionaries Logo


visionaries: knights of the magical light – basta, there’s something about them holding the staff kahit saan, tapos mega-project ang kanilang animal totems.


dino riders – ewan. basta i like. baka mencucu pa ako nung bata pa ako.
4. Si MakoSi Mako, transformed

OctaviaOctavia transformed

tigersharks – like ko din maligo sa Fish Tank..


cast ng dungeons and dragons

dungeons and dragons – gusto ko talaga ng mahika eh, cares nyo ba


denver the last dinosaur – di ko naman talaga ito kagustuhan, naalala ko lang na dahil wala nang mapanood, or naka-sandwich sya ata sa dalawang cartoons na gusto ko, sige na rin, pinapanood ko na rin.



smufs – idol ko si smurfette!! paraiso yun!! sya lang ang nag-iisang babaeng smurf, remember?? swertelette ever talaga.



he-man at


she-ra – like ko si he-man, love ko si she-ra. idol ever! i like the hair and the costume and.. everything. basta bakla sya.



transformers – basta maganda ito.

Tarush ang Gobots davah??

challenge of the gobots – minsan, parang mas preferred ko ito kesa transformers. kasi may girlash sa mga main cast, kontravida nga lang. OR maybe because of the above image!!

look at sino ang nare-remember ko sa kontravida:

Gobot kontravidaErna Maceda



Flying House cast

the flying house saka

Superbook cast

superbook – mejo pareho ito, pero love ko pa rin. actually, among all the cartoons dito, ito ang nagpakirot sa aking i heart mcdreamy. dito ko talaga naramdaman ang reminiscing. hayyy… i love them.


Voltron Ganda Pose!

voltron – mas like ko ito kesa voltes V, di ko alam why. la naman akech paki sa story lines, basta mas like ko ito. dedma sa inyo. ahihihi!

So, kitams?? Di ba pang tru blu little boy blue ang aking mga hilig? Ewan bakit ako biglang naging fufelya. o baka dati na akong fufelya, I just watch these cartoons for all the machong machong mga mencucu sa cast. Sobrang sicko ko yata, pati cartoons, pinagpapantasyahan ko nung bata ako. Ahihihihi!! Hoy chikka ever lang. In fairness, kahit ngayon, pati ang mga like kong games, mga nilalaro ng mencucu. I think karamihan ng preferences ko, tulad ng sa mencucu. pagdating lang sa kaelyahan, dun bumabaluktot. Ahihihihi!! Vavoosh!

November 2, 2006

All Saint’s Day

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Pasensya, mahaba, pero I like to keep this article, kaya dedma na ang piracy and copyright and intellectual property achuchuchu, cut and paste na itekla:

EVEN though today is All Saints’ Day, most Americans probably don’t know the name of the newest American saint. Or that, like several saints, she was mistreated by the church that she served so faithfully.

Last month, Pope Benedict XVI declared Mother Théodore Guérin, who lived and worked in rural Indiana in the mid-1800’s, a saint. She is therefore worthy of “public veneration” by Catholics worldwide. Mother Guérin founded the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods and started several schools and a college in the region.

You would think that this would have won her favor from the local bishop. You would be wrong.

At the time, the idea of an independent woman deciding where and when to open schools offended Célestine de la Hailandière, the Catholic bishop of Vincennes, Ind. In 1844, when Mother Guérin was away from her convent raising money, the bishop ordered her congregation to elect a new superior, in a bid to eject her from the very order of nuns that she had founded.

The independent-minded sisters simply re-elected Mother Guérin. Infuriated, Bishop Hailandière told the future saint that she was forbidden from setting foot in her own convent, since he, the bishop, considered himself its sole proprietor.

Three years later, Bishop Hailandière demanded that Mother Guérin resign. When she refused, the bishop told her congregation that she was no longer superior, that she was ordered to leave Indiana, and that she was forbidden from communicating with her sisters. Her sisters replied that they were not willing to obey a dictator. The situation worsened until, just a few weeks later, Bishop Hailandière was suddenly replaced by the Vatican. From then on, the Sisters of Providence flourished. Today its 465 members work in 10 states, the District of Columbia, China and Taiwan.

Many people think of the saints as docile, but Mother Guérin is not the only saint to have found herself at odds with local bishops, church officials or even the Vatican. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake at the behest of church officials. The writings of the great theologian Thomas Aquinas came under suspicion during his lifetime in the 13th century. And Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, was jailed during the Spanish Inquisition over complaints about his ideas on prayer.

Somewhat more recently, in 1871, Mother Mary MacKillop was excommunicated — the church’s severest punishment — four years after founding a religious order for women in Australia. One biographer wrote that the bishops of the day were intimidated by Mary’s “independent spirit and steely character.” In 1995, Mary MacKillop was beatified, the final step before canonization, by Pope John Paul II.

The church’s long history of “faithful dissent” offers both hope and perspective to Catholics in our time. It echoes the call of the Second Vatican Council, which, in 1964, declared
that expressing opinions “on matters concerning the good of the church” is sometimes an obligation for the faithful.

But, as some saints knew firsthand, a sincere intention is no guarantee that everybody in the church will listen — even today. Members of Voice of the Faithful, the lay organization founded in response to the sexual abuse scandals, are sometimes barred from meeting in Catholic parishes. Local chapters often gather in nearby Protestant church halls. Who knows which future saints are lurking there? All Saints’ Day is a good time to remember that while most saints led lives of quiet service, some led the life of the noisy prophet, speaking the truth to power — even when that power was within the church.

Today the Catholic Church rightly honors all of its saints, even those it once mistreated, silenced or excommunicated. That includes Mother Théodore Guérin. It makes you wonder what Bishop Hailandière thinks from his post in heaven — or wherever he is today.

James Martin, a Jesuit priest, is the author of “My Life With the Saints.”

Kaya keri na nung winarla warla ko ang local priest noonchi doon sa amin. Kasi namanchi, wang ma-say noon sa Gloria-gate. Walang moral backbone ang pari! Yan ang mga baklang pinandidirihan, hindi ang mga lalaking may pusong babae. Di ba, bakla? Amen? Amen! Sabi ng madiraka ko, matakot daw ako kasi pari ang winawarla ko. Henongayon???? Mas expect ko ngang may stand ang mga pari kasi naman di ba? Gloria-gate was also a moral issue. Wa akong paki kung pro o anti sya, basta may stand sya. Eh bumakla. Ayun, pinatikim ko din ng warlang only a tru blu PLU can deliver. Wish ko lang may cheering squad ako noon. So, ang point: kung sa kaloob-looban nyo ay feeling nyong mali ang pari, gora ever! Express yourself! Don’t be afraid, baka may prize pa kayo after 100 years. Davah? *Wink wink*

Note: Baka maging santa santita ako in the future, kaya keri nang anonymous iteklang blog ko. Baka maging proof pa ng mga anti-“Antz for Sainthood, (subtitled with) The First Out and Out Saint” in the future.


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Nabasa ko lang itekla from one of the many websites I browse everyday:

Seventeen years after recognizing same-sex relationships in Scandinavia there are higher marriage rates for heterosexuals, lower divorce rates, lower rates for out-of-wedlock births, lower STD rates, more stable and durable gay relationships, more monogamy among gay couples, and so far no slippery slope to polygamy, incestuous marriages, or “man-on-dog” unions.

O, ano ka??? Tarush di ba?? Who would have thought that allowing all people na i-declare and formalize and everything else achuchuchu ang kanilang love would have led to a more stable society? Ahem ahem ahem. Ahem ulit.

November 1, 2006

Halloween Gift ko sa inyo..

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Laban kayo?

Only in da Pilipins


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Bakla, Happy Halloween pala. This is your night!


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Sabi ng aking guro sa Filipino, ang wikang FIlipino ngayon ay flexibol na, pwede na natin gamitin kahit ang mga banyagang titik, at kahit mga banyagang salita. Subalit, may mga panuntunan tayong dapat sundin. Una, hangga’t maaari, gamitin ang katumbas ng banyagang salita sa Tagalog o sa ibang katutubong wika. Kung sadyang wala itong katumbas, maaari itong gamitin, subalit alinsunod sa panuntunan ng pagsulat ng Filipino – kung anong bigkas, syang baybay. Ang ilan sa mga eksepsyon dito ay ang mga siyentipikong o teknikal na mga terminolohiya. Kaya ganito ko gagawin ang mga susunog na blog, hangga’t kaya ng aking kapangyarihan. Kulang lang ito ng isa pang eksepsyon: walang panu-panuntunan sa salitang bakla! Ahihihihi! Tarush ever!!


Faynali Sa wakas nakabili na rin ako ng ispikers, at talaga naman atang dumugo ang tenga ko buong gabi kakapakinig. Ang ganda ganda ng tunog. Pakiramdam ko nga, gusto na akong katukin ng mga kapitbahay. Ahihihi! Syempre una mega-sayaw muna ako to the tune of Craig David (sexy davah? Tarrrush!). Syempre chinek ko muna kung ayos ang beys. Pati dibdib ko ate kumakabog. Para akong si Sisa na nagsasayaw. Ahihihi! Tapos, syempre subukan ko naman yung mga tipong orchestra sounds, so play naman ako ng live recordings ng mga showtunes. Naiyak ako. Pakiramdam ko, andun ako sa stage, pati yung emotions naramdaman ko. Wang OA ate, ang ganda ng sound. O di ba, sound freak? Ahihihi! Ayaw ko na nga ata pumasok ever eh. Gusto ko na lang malunod sa awit.. o sa esdu, or both.

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